Firefighters and EMS responded to a small plane that crashed at Brookline airport. There were no apparent injuries.

By Jeffrey Hastings, News Partner

BROOKLINE, NH — Brookline Fire, Brookline Ambulance and Hollis Fire responded to the Brookline Airport Saturday for a small plane which had crashed. Arriving fire. EMS and police assisted the pilot who was medically evaluated and refused medical treatment.

The small plane with the words “experimental” on the side of the plane is listed with a tail number of N783TH is listed by the FAA as being owned by Theodor Hauri of Brookline. The plane according to the FAA Pipstrel Sinus 912 Glider.

At the time of the crash their were gusty winds, but it is unknown if that caused the issue. A person familiar with the pilot on scene said that the pilot had recently completed building the plane.

Crews assisted the owner of the aircraft getting it back onto the air strip. It is unknown at this time if there will be a formal investigation, and who would handle it.

The airport located on Pigeon Hill Road is listed to a company Aero Properties, LLC with a Brookline address.