Just when you thought things couldn’t get tougher-the LEGAL issues are coming into play…and will be around for a while.

Curt Varone, Fire Service Attorney and Veteran Fire Chief, took some time this afternoon to talk about these issues-some issues that you may have not even thought of. 

Curt discusses COVID-19 issues related to:

-How quarantine affects firefighter compensation and worker’s compensation.

-Scheduling firefighters during this emergency.
-The importance of documenting exposures.

-COVID-19 patient….transport…or not?
-Legal issues unique to volunteer firefighters and COVID-19.
-Resolving conflicting information.

-Operational changes & related decision making, and much more.

LISTEN HERE: webinar-coronavirus-fire- service-legal-considerations- tsl   

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The Secret List 3/26/2020-1730 Hours