By News Staff

Air Canada passengers expecting to head to Toronto from Boston on Friday had a change of plans after an employee driving a service vehicle crashed into the front of the plane.

CityNews received the tip about flight AC 8695, which was scheduled to leave Friday according to Air Canada’s website.

In a photo sent to CityNews, several employees in neon vests are seen standing around the vehicle with the nose of the aircraft having crashed through the front window.

In a statement, Jazz Aviation said it operates that flight on behalf of Air Canada and under the Air Canada Express brand.

“A ground service vehicle rolled into the nose of the aircraft while the aircraft was parked at the gate in Boston,” said a spokesperson with Jazz Aviation. “Maintenance is inspecting the aircraft to determine if there is any damage. As a precaution, the aircraft has been taken out of service and the flight has been cancelled. An investigation is underway to determine how this incident occurred.”

Jazz Aviation added there were no injuries.