TIJUANA BC MAY 13, 2023 (AFN).- Passengers on flight VO1512 of the Volaris company, who were traveling from Tijuana to Monterrey, Nuevo León, had to land in an emergency at the Torreón airport, Coahuila; due to an electrical storm that caused damage to the fuselage and cabin glass, on Friday night; no injuries were reported.

According to information that some travelers uploaded to their social networks, and based on data available at the Facebook address “Love for Aviation”, the aircraft is an Airbus A320 with registration N518VL, which covered the Tijuana-Monterrey route.

“Volaris flight VO1512 entered a storm zone after carrying out a holding pattern over Torreón (TRC) to try to land at the Monterrey International Airport (MTY), where weather conditions were adverse, suffering severe damage to both windshields. frontals and also in the radome”, indicated.

“When approaching the MTY terminal area, the incident occurred in a hail zone, so the crew, reporting the emergency situation to the air traffic service, Servicios a la Navegación en el Espacio Aéreo Mexicano, diverted to the Torreón airport, where landed without major setbacks,” they said.

The passengers uploaded photographs where they are observed while they are stranded and waiting for a new flight to their final destination, in addition to sharing graphics where the damage to the fuselage and windshield can be observed; while the Volaris company has not released details of said mishap.