by David Bondy/Sarah Jaeger

CHESANING, Mich – One person has died in a plane crash at Showboat Park in Chesaning. 

83-year-old William Burns of Vernon was the only person in the plane at the time of the crash.

The crash happened Saturday morning around 10:30.

The plane was originally said to be registered to a flying club out of Owosso, according to the Sheriff’s department.

The flying club says the plane was a four-seater CESSNA 172 and privately owned.

Members of the flying club in Owosso says Burns is a former flight instructor from the area.

Sheriff William Federspiel says a single engine plane crashed into a building at the park.

Witnesses said they heard the engine cut out and the plane came straight down.

Due to the partial government shutdown and the holiday it may take days before the FAA is able to come investigate the crash.