A Halla Airlines Embraer 120 veered off the runway after a crash-land at Aden Adde International Airport in Mogadishu on Tuesday.

Preliminary reports indicate that a female passenger suffered a broken neck, while authorities are still uncertain about the cause of the plane’s deviation from the runway.

The aircraft, which departed from Garowe, the capital of the Puntland region, was carrying 30 people.

Emergency personnel are currently at the scene, and the fire department has been dispatched.

Reports have suggested that former Prime Ministers of Somalia, Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gas and Omar Abdirashid, were on the plane. However, sources have clarified that the crashed plane did not have the Prime Ministers on board.

The two former Prime Ministers, along with other former government leaders, were invited by President Hassan Sheikh for a meeting in Mogadishu to discuss political affairs.