The plane, with four passengers and three crew members, managed to land normally, however the main runway on which it was immobilized remained closed for about three hours until the departure of the plane.

“Alarm” signaled the dawn at the airport “Nikos Kazantzakis” of Heraklion when a private aircraft type CL60 from Oxford International Airport had a problem during its landing, was dragged and immobilized in the airport runway.

According to information from ERT Heraklion, the Challenger 60 aircraft with four passengers and three crew members had taken off from London to Bahrain and at 3.30 in the early hours of Thursday (27/1) landed for refueling in Heraklion.

However, during its landing, it had a problem with the wheel, the nasal part receded (“folded”) and the boat was dragged and immobilized on the runway.

It immediately signaled an alarm at Heraklion airport where Fire Brigade vehicles and a crane arrived, in order to transport the aircraft to a point that does not create a problem in the operation of the airport.

The operation was completed early in the morning and there was a slight delay in the departure of the first flight from Heraklion to Athens.