By Frank O’Laughlin | Justin Bourke

LEICESTER, MASS. (WHDH) – An investigation is underway after a plane carrying multiple people crashed in Leicester on Tuesday afternoon, officials said.

Emergency crews responding to the area of Moose Hill Road on snowmobiles shortly before 5 p.m. found a plane that had crashed near the Spencer-Leicester line, a Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson confirmed.

“First thing I thought of was, ‘It’s getting dark quick,” Deputy Fire Chief Matt Tebow said. “If this thing is out in the middle of the woods it’s gonna change our whole rescue effort.”

The three victims were extricated from the wreckage and taken to a local hospital, according to the Spencer Fire Department. There was no word on their condition. The dog was unharmed.

Tebow said one of them was able to walk away from the wreckage and search for help.

The other two were rescued by some passing snowmobilers.

“There were some local kids in the area that were snowmobiling in the area that happened to see what was going on and came and helped us out,” the deputy explained.

The harsh weather and wilderness proved to be a challenge for the rescuers.

“The guys, by the time they got up to the wreckage, they were spent, they were tired,” Tebow said. “They were walking through snowdrifts up there up to their knees. Thank god for the snowmobilers in the area who helped us out.”

The cause of the crash wasn’t immediately known.

Tebow said fortunately this happened in a remote area.

The FAA and state police are assisting local authorities with the investigation.

No additional details were immediately available.