The IPA Executive Board thanks A300 Captain Jess Grigg for his years of service to the Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) Committee. Grigg is stepping down after more than 14 years as Chairman. The Executive Board has appointed ARFF Vice Chairman 747 First Officer Eric McClish, as the Committee’s new Chairman. 

During his tenure, Grigg presented to more than 2500 ARFF, ATC, and Aviation Safety professionals in ARFF training events and conferences. Additionally, he has conducted 49 hands-on training events for ARFF professionals from 2008 to 2022. 

“Jess has become an aviation industry leading authority on ARFF,” said IPA President Bob Travis. “He took his personal experience dealing with an in-flight fire on UPS 1307, and helped create a nationally recognized ARFF Cargo Jet training course to educate airport firefighters on the best practices for responding to a cargo jet fire. On behalf of the entire Executive Board, we thank Jess for his dedication not only to the IPA, but to improving safety for all cargo jet pilots.” 

“I am grateful for the opportunity the Executive Board gave me to serve the IPA membership as ARFF Chairman,” said Grigg. “My objective was to create training events for ARFF professionals that gave them the highest level of hands-on training they had ever experienced on a live jet. It has truly been a privilege and an IPA team-effort to conduct these training events. I want to thank the membership for all of the positive comments they have given our committee through the years. Eric McClish will provide an excellent and seamless transition to continue upon the work we have built.” 

McClish has worked with the ARFF Committee since 2018. He has also been a member of the De-ice Committee and is Vice Chairman of the FOQA Committee. The ARFF Committee also welcomes new member A300 First Officer Jeremy Glunt.