September 3, 2015   


As 9-11-2015 approaches-we remember it as the anniversary of the attacks and murders of thousands of Americans. But for the purpose of what WE do, as Firefighters, the 343+ members of the FDNY are the ones we especially focus on. Things look very different today……and with so many 9/11 CANCER ILLNESSES AND DEATHS, the attacks very much continue.

While many Firefighters HAVE made a serious effort to make sure that the USA, Canada and others DO NOT forget-others have done little.

While many communities HAVE memorials dedicated to those lost on 9-11-01, so many more do not. While several communities and FIRE DEPARTMENTS have activities planned for Friday, September 11, 2015, so many more do not – because many Firefighters have simply forgotten. 

…or many of you weren’t even Firefighters on 9/11/01. No excuse.

We are quick to whine and b*tch that the politicians have forgotten us. We are quick to get annoyed when the public doesn’t support us and we are fast to react when some bosses don’t take care of us. But what about “us” forgetting “us”…? 

We need to all take action-locally-this year. 

Too late? It’s never too late.

Get all of your Firefighters together (text them, call them, tweet them, Facebook them or whatever it takes-some in your FD have no trouble spreading gossip-so use those same means to do some good)… and GET everyone in on a plan now – to REMEMBER WHAT 9/11/01 FELT LIKE …and have some sort of memorial service on 9-11-15. Notify the media, the schools, the scouts, the service clubs, the teams, the VFW, the Clergy etc and PACK your firehouse for a memorial service on Friday, September 11, 2015. 

If there’s a will-there’s a way….but there is no way any firehouse in North America, or any free Country should have just another “normal” day on 9/11/15. 

Be sure to also REMIND your local school sports leaders now, that at the “Friday night football” game – a moment of silence and remembrance is a respectful and necessary honor.

No excuses this year. It’s not too late. 
Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.
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