By Cleomar AlmeidaThalys AlcantaraVinicius Schmidt

Goiânia – An air taxi aircraft left the runway after trying to take off in the early afternoon of this Tuesday (28/9), in the area near the International Airport of Goiânia – Santa Genoveva, in the southern region of the capital. According to the Fire Department, the medium-sized jet was air medical transport for a victim in serious condition . The pilot and five passengers were unharmed.

Witnesses told Metropolis that they panicked when they saw the Westwind III model aircraft lose control and leave the runway. The Brazilian Airport Infrastructure Company (Infraero) reported that the plane crossed the runway limit just as it was getting ready to take off from the airport .

“I saw when the plane landed on its stomach and covered everything in dust. I had never seen a scene like that. I was all shaking. Imagine who was on the plane”, said upholsterer Iromar Oliveira, who was passing by at the time of the accident. “Lots of people around the airport. If it had fallen on the BR-153, the tragedy would have been greater”, he said.


Infraero’s firefighters team is already working at the site. According to the company, although there were no injuries, the runway was closed for 40 minutes and, after an inspection, it was released at 12:47 pm, with no operational impacts.

According to the Fire Department, by the time the rescue team arrived at the scene, all five passengers were already out of the plane and were immediately taken to a safe area, none of them seriously injured.

Only the patient being transported needed further care. Therefore, according to the corporation, the section’s ambulance was used to transport the doctor, nurse, copilot and patient to a closer hangar where they could be better evaluated.

The day service medical team from the Air Operations Center also accompanied the case. The aircraft was isolated and a rescue vehicle was ready for the need for immediate intervention in case of any onset of fire.


A Fire Department truck extinguished a small fire that occurred in the vegetation near the headland, where there was a spill of aviation kerosene and then returned to the Airport Security Company, as operations at the airport had already resumed immediately.

In all, approximately 20,000 liters of water and 200 liters of LGE were used, and eleven military firefighters from the Airport Security Company were involved in the incident.

The name of the patient and the pilot were not disclosed. Infraero also did not inform the place where the patient was referred .

The Metropolises not achieved a return of the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) until he published this report to find out if the aircraft was in good standing, or not, who is responsible for it, in addition to the flight destination.

company position

The press office of Brasil Vida Táxi Aéreo confirmed that, during takeoff, which was aborted by security, a company jet left the runway. “The patient who was on board the aircraft was taken preventively to Hospital Albert Einstein, in Goiânia, where he undergoes an evaluation. The patient was transported consciously, with no injuries, no complaints and no reports of pain”, says an excerpt from the note.

According to the note, a company’s medical team accompanies the patient at the hospital and maintains contact with family members. “The company informs that it has all the necessary certifications and authorizations valid with the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) and that it has deployed a new aircraft to transport the patient. The accident was reported to the Center for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents to determine the cause”, he adds.