By Mike Toole

BOSTON – Two JetBlue planes hit each other on the ground at Logan Airport in Boston early Thursday morning.

A spokesperson for Massport, which runs the airport, told WBZ-TV the two jets “made contact” while in the de-icing area.

“One wingtip touched another plane’s tail. No injuries, but both flights cancelled,” the spokesperson said, calling the incident “very minor.”

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the left winglet – the little wing at the end of the plane’s wing used to reduce drag – of one plane hit the horizontal stabilizer at the back of another jet around 6:40 a.m.

One flight, JetBlue Flight 777, was heading to Las Vegas at 6 a.m. The other, JetBlue Flight 551, was leaving for Orlando, Florida at the same time. 

“The event happened in an area of the tarmac that is controlled by the airline,” FAA spokesperson Elizabeth Isham Cory said in a statement.

“No injuries were reported by customers or crewmembers on either aircraft,” JetBlue said in a statement to WBZ. “Both aircraft will be taken out of service for repairs, and JetBlue flight 777 to Las Vegas and JetBlue flight 551 to Orlando will operate on other aircraft. Safety is JetBlue’s priority, and we will work to determine how and why this incident occurred.”