Two KLM aircraft hit each other on Wednesday morning while taxiing, confirms a Schiphol spokesman. 

The devices are slightly damaged. According to the spokesman no people were injured. The KLM spokeswoman  says that passengers have not been in danger for a moment.

Probably the collision does not lead to delays at the airport “The aircraft have already been towed away.”

Both aircraft were destined for the United States. One of the aircraft was on its way to Atlanta and the other was to leave for Los Angeles.

“We will think about the cause later, now it is only important to put the passengers on another plane as quickly as possible,” continued the KLM spokesman. “The aircraft are carefully checked and therefore remain on the ground for the time being.”

“For the people who were on their way to Atlanta, this has already happened, and we are still working to help the people who are going to Los Angeles.”