By :news7

A plane from the Mwant Jet company from Lubumbashi left the airstrip to finish its race in the scenery 256 meters from the runway at Kolwezi National Airport, this Wednesday, April 06, 2022

According to some sources, weather conditions are the cause of this incident.

 “It is 2 p.m. when the plane landed on the runway of Kolwezi airport, at the same time there was heavy rain, and suddenly a lightning struck, the pilot lost control of the plane. machine, which went to finish its race 256 meters from the track”, indicate the sources.

Déodat Kapenda, provincial minister of the interior and security, confirms the information and indicates that all the passengers came out unscathed.

 “The plane has left the runway and is currently in the background but all the passengers have left safe and sound, we are awaiting the opinion of the experts before being able to authorize its take-off again”, he said.