By Simon Hradecky

A Lauda Europe Airbus A320-200 on behalf of Ryanair, registration 9H-LOZ performing flight FR-500 from Vienna (Austria) to Palma Mallorca,SP (Spain), departed Vienna’s runway 29 and landed on Palma Mallorca’s runway 24R about 1:50 hours later.

Following the flight parts of a panel covering the upper side of the left wing root was missing.

Passengers reported about 10 minutes into the (delayed) flight there was a loud bang from outside the aircraft, the aircraft continued normally to Palma Mallorca. Before the departure they had boarded another aircraft, technicians were working for two hours on that aircraft before they left the aircraft again and boarded the occurrence aircraft.

The occurrence aircraft is still on the ground in Palma Mallorca about 31 hours after landing in Palma Mallorca.