Another terrible weekend in Chicago. This time a Police Officer was murdered and another (who survived) was shot in the face.

If you haven’t had time to listen to the radio traffic that horrible shooting that resulted in the murder of Chicago Police Officer Ella Fench, and serious injuries to her partner, it is a MUST listen. (Link Below)

The dispatcher’s name is Keith Thornton. and is being justifiably praised for his handling of the tragic police shooting that took the life of 29-year-old Officer Ella French and critically wounded her partner.

“Ok, listen to me, take that vest off right now and start compressions, start breathing, whatever you got to do, start it now.”

“His name is Keith Thornton. He’s a dispatcher on the CPD call. Get him trending. #KeithThornton,” wrote one Twitter user. Another Twitter user wrote that Thornton was the 911 dispatcher “who took control of the situation, instructed CPD Officers to perform CPR, he set the perimeters to help catch the murderers, he called for outside help. Keith A. Thornton Jr needs an award of valor.” Another wrote, “the task and the way he handled the situation was phenomenal. Keith Thornton is a hero.

He truly is phenomenal, He is EXACTLY what every Police Officer, Firefighter or EMT wants on the “other side” of the radio when things are bad. He cares, he was fully engaged and did his job. 

“That’s the unconscious officer, correct? Is someone in the back with her? Is someone in the back seat with her? Ok, listen to me, take that…vest off right now and start compressions, start breathing, whatever you got to do, start it now, while you’re driving, the officer in the back with her, take the vest off and start compressions now. Keep it rolling baby… they know you’re coming in,” Thornton said in one heartbreaking moment in the dispatch audio. 

On LinkedIn, Thornton describes himself as, “Chicago PD Dispatcher & Trainer | Firefighter | Emergency Medical Technician | Mentor.” On Facebook, his profile says, “God made me perfect: Black, Gay, Educated, Successful, Powerful, Loyal, Heroic. 

Any questions?”

Yes-how does the world of emergency communications get more Keith Thorntons…because that is absolutely needed. Right personality type? Good training? Good supervision? Livable salary? Decent working conditions? Dedication that defines “giving a damn?”


More About Chicago Emergency Dispatcher Keith Thornton:

Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.


The Secret List 8/9/2021-1108 hours