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===MARCH 30, 2023

The Washington DCFD and UL’s Fire Safety Research Institute are co-hosting an ONLINE symposium for fire service members interested in learning more about lithium-ion battery risks during fire incidents. Featured speakers include members of the FDNY and other departments, NTSB, IAFF, IAFC and Metro Chiefs as well as FSRI and other UL researchers.

This online event will help you understand lithium-ion battery technology, the hazards these batteries pose during fire incidents, and how you should operate at incidents caused by battery failure.

Due to high demand, and the in-person seats all filled, UL has added this livestream option to be able to share this information with a larger audience. Register for the livestream to this event to hear firsthand from researchers and practitioners.

This is a free event. Registration link below:

===WHO? ME? US?



Fire/EMS personnel wellness has reached a critical junction. The experts understand the critical importance of building a wellness program that supports your troops. But for many agencies, the next question is, how?

The answer will depend on numerous factors and will look different for each agency. Join this free webinar to learn how two different agencies are approaching wellness and gain inspiration for strategies you can explore—regardless of where your agency is on wellness.

 6 Critical Elements for Your Department’s Fire/EMS Wellness Program

Tuesday, February 28 – 1300 Hours Eastern [60 minutes]

You’ll learn: 

-6 elements every fire/EMS wellness program should include.

-The importance of taking a comprehensive approach to wellness.

-Key data to track to build support and justification for wellness.

-How to build personnel trust in wellness initiatives.

Presented by San Diego (CAL) Fire-Rescue and Delaware County (OH) EMS

Battalion Chief David Picone San Diego Fire-Rescue

Captain Jay Lee, San Diego Fire-Rescue

EMS Director Jeff Fishel Delaware County (OH) EMS    

Assistant Chief Rachael Cox Delaware County (OH) EMS

This is a free event. Registration link below:

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