A military aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing at Myrtle Beach International Airport on Thursday morning, according to Kirk Lovell, airport spokesman.

An issue with the F-16 plane caused the emergency landing, Lovell said. It landed with no issues, and there were no disruptions to commercial flight operations, he said.

It’s unknown whether the fighter jet was carrying any live ordnance, Lovell said.

The incident happened about 11 a.m. Myrtle Beach Fire Department crews were called out to assist, but the airport’s fire department was in charge of the scene.

Senior Master Sgt. Ed Snyder with the 169th Fighter Wing of the S.C. Air National Guard said the aircraft experienced an issue and needed to land at the nearest airport for maintenance. Snyder said it’s typical for their planes to land at the nearest airport if they are experiencing issues.

The craft was in the area for training and came from McEntire Joint National Guard Base just outside of Columbia.