The plane was in the midst of a training flight when its occupants noticed fumes in the cockpit and were forced to land, a spokesperson said Thursday.

Author: Keith Schweigert (FOX43)

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A Pennsylvania Air National Guard military plane had to make an emergency landing at Harrisburg International Airport Thursday afternoon, according to sources at the airport and with the Pennsylvania National Guard.

The Lockheed-Martin EC-130j Commando Solo four-engine Hercules transport aircraft was in the midst of a routine training flight when the occupants noticed fumes in the cockpit, according to Pennsylvania National Guard spokesperson CPT Travis Mueller.

There were six people on board the aircraft during the incident, Mueller said. No injuries were reported.

The plane remains at HIA because that is where the Pennsylvania National Guard’s 193rd Special Operations Wing is based, Mueller said.

Scott Miller, a spokesperson at HIA, confirmed the plane landed at about 1:30 p.m. Thursday but said he was not authorized to release any further details.