by Ashley Harting, Mason Carroll


One man sustained minor injuries after his plane crashed next to Kent’s Meat & Groceries Saturday morning while trying to make an emergency landing at the Redding Municipal Airport.

Redding Fire Captain John Houston said Redding Fire Station 7 was alerted via the ring down phone from the Redding Airport tower of a 1960 Cessna 210 with an engine out, planning to land on the runway. However, before the pilot could land on an actual runway, Houston said the aircraft landed in the field south of Ken’s Market.

A protection line was quickly deployed and there was no fire. The pilot, who has not been named, exited the aircraft with minor injures.

Houston said it was a “somewhat soft landing, considering the individual was flying at about 7,000 feet above the Redding area when it experienced engine troubles and diverted to the Redding area and Redding municipal. Due to the crash, fire and rescue services were provided.”

Houston said the pilot is from out of the area flying down from Salem down to the Bay Area. However, the plane itself is from Redding.

The National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the crash and Houston said the plane will be taken to the Redding Airport for further investigation to learn more about what caused the crash.