Saurabh Sinha / TNN

NEW DELHI: The spectre of personal electronic devices (PED) catching fire on flights is back to haunt Indian skies. The mobile phone of a passenger on IndiGo’s Dibrugarh-Delhi flight (6E 2037) of Thursday emitted spark and smoke during cruise. The cabin crew used the onboard fire extinguisher on the phone. The aircraft counted to its destination safely and landed in Delhi at 12.55 pm.

“The passenger was seated on 30C. The crew extinguished the (likely) fire using extinguisher. There was no injury to any passenger or crew. The aircraft landed safely in Delhi,” said people in the now. The make of the phone is not yet known.

In a statement, IndiGo said: “There was an incident of a mobile device battery heating up abnormally on flight 6E 2037 from Dibrugarh to Delhi. The crew is trained to manage all hazardous incidences and they quickly managed the situation. There was no harm caused to any passenger or property onboard.”

About five years back, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was banned on flights globally after a major battery flaw used to lead to fire scares.