We want to pass on a new (free/no cost) fire training program: From Knowledge to Practice (FKTP) Fire Dynamics Curriculum for you to check out.

Check out the FKTP Curriculum at no cost …and it is all online. Note that lesson plans, prop schematics and additional documents and guides will be uploaded and made available over the next several weeks. The curriculum material is available as web-based multimedia content and is accessible using a web browser on any mobile device or computer.  This format enables the creators to keep it current.

There are two methods for accessing and using the curriculum material:

 Option 1: View Only

You can view all of the Fire Dynamics Training material by going to: and click on the link to the training material.

Option 2: View, bookmark & save, re-use, and receive updates

If you would like to save the material, re-use it for your personal use or for your organization, republish it on your own website (private or public), and receive notifications as content is updated, please signup for a free account at

NOTE: You will need to create an account with your email and create a password

The FKTP definitions have been included in the new NFPA 1700 standard (i.e. Ventilation Profile, Vent Profile, Flow Path, Unidirectional Flow, Bi-directional Flow, Dynamic Flow, Rapid Fire Development key examples).

The program was developed by Chief Pete McBride of the Ottawa, Canada FD. Significant contributions to the FKTP Project were made by numerous veteran Firefighters, including our own Brian K and Forest R who represented FFCC as well as ISFSI on the project.

Once again a FREE firefighting training opportunity for training. Check it out.

Take Care, Be Careful. Pass It On.


The Secret List 6/25/2018-2030 Hours