During the April 2019 NFPA Standards Council Meeting, a document consolidation plan was approved that will help better serve the Emergency Response & Responder Safety (ERRS) stakeholders; and create better efficiencies for the Technical Committee (TC) members that volunteer to serve this audience. This consolidation effort pertains to 114 current standards, including various guides and best practices that will be combined, by topic, into 38 standards over the next five years.

In addition to providing the responder community with more consolidated and consistent standards, this move will allow related TCs to gather in one location for meetings. The move will result in better subject matter integration, more accurate documents, and greater TC member travel efficiencies. 

The below ARFF related NFPA Standards have been consolidated into 3 Standards. These Standards are up for public input with a closing date of November 13, 2020. This is your opportunity to submit comments and recommendations. 

NFPA 460 – www.nfpa.org/460

Standard for Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Services at Airports, Recurring Proficiency of Airport Fire Fighters, and Evaluating Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Foam Equipment

  • NFPA 460 will be a consolidation of Standards NFPA 403, NFPA 405, and NFPA 412.

NFPA 440 – www.nfpa.org/440

Guide for Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Operations and Airport/Community Emergency Planning

  • NFPA 440 will be a consolidation of Standards NFPA 402 and NFPA 424.

NFPA 1900 – www.nfpa.org/1900

Standard for Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Vehicles, Automotive Fire Apparatus, Wildland Fire Apparatus, and Automotive Ambulances 

  • NFPA 1900 will be a consolidation of Standards NFPA 414, NFPA 1901, NFPA 1906, and NFPA 1917.

Thank you for your time and attention to this important information.


Ronald Krusleski,


ARFF Working Group