Matt Pusatory

A man and woman are uninjured after small plane crash in Charles County Wednesday morning. 

Firefighters were called to the scene of the crash near the 6200 block of Bumpy Oak Road in Pomfret, Maryland, around 10 a.m., according to Charles County Fire Department Public Information Officer Bill Smith.

The pilot reported having engine trouble as the man and woman attempted to land at Maryland Airport. The plane landed in treetops about a half a mile off Bumpy Oak Road, near a hiking trail, Smith said.

First responders were able to ping the pilot’s cell phone when he called 911 in order to locate the crash site.

The trees then gave way, and the plane dropped 70 feet to the ground below, according to Smith.

Medics evaluated both people involved in the crash and Maryland State Police investigators are interviewing them to find out further details.

A hazmat team is on the scene Wednesday to assist with cleaning up spilled fuel from the crash. Smith says the leak was minor and quickly contained by responding fire crews. 

Maryland State Police report the Federal Aviation Administration has been notified of the crash.