3 passengers and 2 pilots were on board flight from Yellowknife to Fort Simpson

CBC News 

An Air Tindi flight from Yellowknife to Fort Simpson, N.W.T., made an emergency landing Monday evening, but no serious injuries were reported, says the airline’s president.

Chris Reynolds said three passengers and two pilots were on board a Twin Otter that went down about 10 kilometres outside of Fort Providence, N.W.T., at around 6:30 p.m. MT.

Fort Providence is about 315 kilometres southwest of Yellowknife.

Reynolds said there was “a mechanical issue with an engine failure.”

“We don’t know why yet, we just had a call from the flight crew about the issue and we activated our emergency response,” he said.

The flight was diverted to Fort Providence, but didn’t make it all the way there.

Reynolds said everyone on board was OK and RCMP were at the scene.

In a news release Monday evening, Fort Providence RCMP said officers confirmed they responded to a crash involving an Air Tindi Twin Otter (Flight 223), with five occupants, including the two pilots. Police said it happened about eight kilometres north of Fort Providence.

The plane had been traveling from Yellowknife to Fort Simpson, N.W.T., the release says.

Police confirmed all occupants of the plane were found unharmed, and were being taken into Fort Providence for medical assessment.

The release says the Transportation Safety Board of Canada has been notified.