Co-Pilot Who Was Flying The Aircraft Lacked Required Experience, Board Says

The accident docket released last week by the NTSB about an accident involving a Learjet 35 which went down on approach at Teterboro airport last May shows that the co-pilot flying the aircraft was not qualified to act as pilot-in-command.

The report indicates that co-pilot Jeffrey Alino had not accumulated enough hours flying the Learjet 35A, and had not scored well during simulator training, before being hired in 2016 by Trans-Pacific Air Charter, according to a report from

The NTSB determined that Alino had flown most of the leg from Philadelphia to Teterboro, but gave the airplane back to pilot William Ramsey seconds before the airplane stalled and impacted terrain in Carlsdtadt, NJ. The cockpit voice recorded captured audio indicating that Williams struggled to regain control of the aircraft, and that the two pilots recognized the stall but were unable to recover.

Both Williams and Alino were fatally injured in the accident. There were no passengers on board the aircraft.

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