According To The Pilot, The Airplane Was On Approach To The Runway When He Felt The Left Rudder Cable Break

Location: Palmer, TX Accident Number: CEN23LA170
Date & Time: April 30, 2023, 14:50 Local Registration: N1113B
Aircraft: Luscombe 8F Injuries: 1 None
Flight Conducted Under: Part 91: General aviation – Personal

On April 30, 2023, about 1450 central daylight time, a Luscombe 8F airplane, N1113B, was substantially damaged when it was involved in an accident near Palmer, Texas. The pilot was not injured. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 personal flight.

According to the pilot, the airplane was on approach to the runway when he felt the left rudder cable break, and he lost rudder control. The rudder return spring on the right rudder pedal pulled the rudder into a full right deflection. The pilot placed the airplane into a left-wing low crab attitude, and chose to land in a nearby field. During the off-field landing, the left main landing gear collapsed, and the left wing struck the terrain. The airplane sustained substantial damage to the left wing. 

Postaccident examination revealed that the left rudder cable had separated at the pulley under the cabin floor. The rudder cable and associated pulley system were retained for further examination.