Air Canada Jazz flight to Toronto lands safely after smoke detected

CBC News

Smoke in the cabin of a plane carrying 29 passengers from Sydney, N.S., to Toronto was forced to make an emergency landing at the Moncton airport Thursday.

The pilot realized during the flight that a smoke detector in the back lavatory was activated, said Manon Stuart, a spokesperson for Jazz Aviation, a regional partner of Air Canada. 

“Subsequently, the crew noticed a haze in the rear cabin,” Stuart wrote in an email.

With 33 people, including four crew onboard, the plane was diverted to Moncton, the nearest airport. The crew requested priority landing at about 6 a.m.

Stuart said the haze had dissipated by the time the plane landed. 

“The passengers deplaned normally.”

The CRJ900 aircraft landed safely around 6:45 am.

Julie Pondant of the Greater Moncton International Airport Authority, said 911 was called, which is standard procedure.

“They dispatch their regular emergency crews, which includes ambulance, police and fire and our fire crews as well are dispatched at that same time,” said Pondant.

“The initial inspection from the firefighters came clear, basically there didn’t seem to be any smoke or anything to be worried about at that moment.”

According to Stuart there was no fire. 

“Passengers will resume their travel on the next flight scheduled to depart Moncton to Toronto around noon today,” wrote Stuart. 

Stuart said a maintenance crew is on its way to Moncton to inspect the plane to determine the cause of the problem, and to make any necessary repairs.