Aircraft never took off, and passengers had to exit through the emergency exit. Some were injured or had difficulty getting down because of the wind from the engine.

By Kethlyn Moraes and Flávia Borges, g1 MT

Passengers were injured after a breakdown in an Azul Linhas Aéreas plane that was leaving Marechal Rondon Airport, in Várzea Grande, in the metropolitan region of Cuiabá, bound for Guarulhos, in São Paulo, in the early hours of Thursday (25).

The Airbus 32 never took off, but was moving on the ground when it stopped suddenly. The emergency inflatable slide had to be activated for passengers to descend. Some people were injured when they left the equipment see details below ).

Azul confirmed through a note that the aircraft that would carry out the Cuiabá-Guarulhos flight had its take-off aborted after the identification of a malfunction in the aircraft, and the flight commander performed the standard procedure provided for in this type of situation (read the note in full lower).

passenger report

Passenger Juliana Amorim said that some people had difficulty getting out of the aircraft through the slide because the engine was running and the wind was very strong.

“The flight attendants started to say that the plane was going to blow up, that it was to evacuate the plane and it was that desperation. Nobody could open the door. I don’t know how many people had already left in front of me, but I managed to leave, thank God, without any I went out through the (inflatable) slide.

“We saw that there were a lot of people injured, because when I went down the slide, the turbine was on, so it would blow up and knock people over,” he says.

She also explained that it was more difficult to go down the back slide.

“I don’t know if it’s because of the turbine or because it didn’t open everything, it didn’t touch the ground. So there were people who fell from above. One person broke his leg when he fell,” he says.

Passenger Wenderson Campos says that there was a sudden brake and then a flight attendant shouted for everyone to leave the aircraft through the emergency exit.

“The flight attendant appeared screaming, ordering everyone to exit through the emergency exit. People started pushing and I was with a child. Everyone went down the slide, behind the turbine. I left my baby and went back to get my wife and she fell and hurt herself. Another woman broke her foot and a pregnant woman felt very ill. There was only one ambulance,” he said.

His wife, Natalya do Nascimento Campos, said that help took a long time to arrive.

“The service provided by Samu and the Fire Department took a long time. People didn’t know what had happened and didn’t know how to convey to us what was happening. Azul employees tried to help, sorting out who was hurt the most, but so far no one has called to pass anything on to us,” she said.

The naturologist Andréia Gregoli says that the smell of smoke and fuel was strong inside the plane.

“The moment he opened the door, it got even more intense. When we went down the slide, the turbine was very strong. Many people fell because of it,” he says.

Blue will support passengers

The Blue Airlines confirmed by noting that the aircraft would perform the Cuiabá-Guarulhos flight had its aborted takeoff after the identification of a malfunction in the aircraft, with the commander of the flight carried out the standard procedure for this type of situation.

“Customers evacuated the aircraft through the plane’s emergency exits. Azul highlights that it is providing all the necessary support to customers, regrets what happened and reinforces that actions like this are necessary to ensure the safety of its operations”, says the note.

Flight 2751 would leave Cuiabá at 2:00 am (local time) and would arrive in São Paulo at 5:05 am. On the Marechal Rondon Airport website, the flight appears as canceled.