By Jen Mills

A military bomber jet has crashed into an apartment building in southwest Russia, sending up a huge fireball.

Footage shared online shows a large fire burning at the site in Yeysk, with the pilots having ejected using parachutes.

The Russian Defence Ministry said a Su-34 bomber crashed into a residential area causing a fire, resulting from an engine failure on takeoff.

The ministry said both crew members from the medium-range fighter bomber plane bailed out safely, with one pilot seen floating down as the inferno rages.

It is not yet known if the crash caused any injuries in the residential area, but ambulances and fire engines were at the scene.

Russian news agency RIA said the plane crashed during a training flight from a military airfield.

Video from the scene appears to show a major fire at a multi-storey building.

The city of Yeysk is situated on the Sea of Azov separating southern Ukraine from southern Russia.