by: Isabella GentileAmber Diaz

NORTH CANAAN, Conn. (WTNH) — The pilot of a small plane that crashed in North Canaan Thursday was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, according to Norfolk PIO Jon Barbagallo.

Barbagallo said the single-engine propeller plane crashed at 535 West Main Street off the end of the grass runway at North Canaan Airport. The plane nose-dived into someone’s front yard in a few feet of water just before 5:30 p.m.

He said the single male occupant on board was brought to Sharon Hospital with serious injuries. The man has not been identified at this time.

Barbagallo told News 8 the man was able to extricate himself with the help of a person who lives in the area, heard the crash and ran over to assist.

“This gentleman is very lucky. The fact that it nosedived… as well as landed in a few feet of water, the gentleman is lucky to have survived,” Barbagallo said.

News 8 was told the engine for this plane was made with an at-home kit. Barbagallo said these kits must be FAA regulated and certified.

Barbagallo told News 8 there was a fuel leak so they are using large pads to soak up the remaining fuel.