Special to the Daily News

ELGIN — The pilot of a small airplane is reported to be OK after the plane made a crash landing into a corn field west of here Friday.

The Antelope County Sheriff Department was contacted by a 911 caller of a plane that was down seven miles west of Elgin, just south of the Midwest Flying Service building.

Officers with the sheriff’s department, Neligh Police Department and Nebraska State Patrol responded to the scene and found the plane but no pilot.

Because the pilot was believed to be Tim Grothe of rural Elgin, his family members were contacted. By 8:41 p.m. Friday, officers at the scene were advised that the pilot was OK.

The Flight Standards District Office in Lincoln was notified by the sheriff’s office of the accident. Federal Aviation Investigators arrived at scene at 9:30 a.m. Saturday and began their investigation, which will be ongoing, with local agencies and the FAA.

As of late Saturday morning, the pilot had not contacted local authorities or the FAA in reference to the accident.