By: WANE Staff Reports

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A plane crashed in a field in northwest Fort Wayne after its pilot said it lost power. 

Dispatchers told NewsChannel 15 that around 3 p.m., a plane reportedly crashed in a field near the intersection of Till and Bethel roads.

No injuries had been immediately reported, dispatchers said.

The small plane could be seen upright but with its tail in the air in the field. Firefighters worked nearby.

Pilot David DeWald told NewsChannel 15 at the scene that he’d been out flying with a friend. He said he left Smith Field and was in the air for about ten minutes when the engine lost power.

DeWald said he contacted Fort Wayne International Airport and began to weigh his option. He said he opted for a field landing rather than get “closer to civilization.”

DeWard said he’s been flying for 18 years and is an instructor. He said he’s never experienced such an incident.

Smith Field is located 3 miles to the southeast of the crash site.

The extent of the damage to the plane is not known.