Ten passengers, nine adults and one baby, and two crew members died in the crash. According to Anac, the plane was in good condition.

By g1 AC — Rio Branco

A small plane exploded when it crashed near the runway at Rio Branco International Airport, this Sunday morning (29). According to the Acre State Government, all twelve people on board died.

Some of the passengers were traveling to receive medical treatment. A video (above) shows the fire at the site .

The flight was private, from the company ART Taxi Aéreo, and took off from Rio Branco to Envira , in Amazonas (check the details below). The Caravan model aircraft had capacity for up to 14 people and crashed at around 7:21 am local time (9:21 am in Brasília), shortly after takeoff.

The company’s lawyer, Thiago Abreu, informed g1 that the pilot and co-pilot had experience and training. According to Anac, the plane was in good condition.

There were six men, three women and a child aged 1 year and 7 months on the aircraft, as well as the pilot and co-pilot .

Six of the victims were from Eirunepé (AM). There were also residents of Envira (AM). See the list of victims here.

The aircraft was piloted by Cláudio Atílio Mortari, who, according to his social networks, was from São Paulo, but also lived in Itaituba. The co-pilot, Kleiton Lima Almeida, 39, who also died in the plane crash, was born and lived in Itaituba, in the southwest of Pará. He had become a father a month ago, according to his sister, Gardeny Lima.

Fire was controlled

Firefighters managed to control the flames after around four hours, and the removal of bodies and debris began. A video shows the fire at the place where the plane crashed .

The aircraft crashed in a location that made it difficult for rescue teams to arrive, as Fire Department captain Francisca Fragoso explained:

“As there is no possibility of reaching it by vehicle, fire control becomes a little more delicate, due to only using extinguishers”, informed the captain.

Samu ambulances, Military Police vehicles and a Ciopaer helicopter traveled to the location to assist with the actions.

The Acre State Government reported that the victims were burned to death and that the causes of the accident will be investigated.

According to the general commander of the Fire Department, Colonel Charles da Silva Santos, the Aviation Accident Investigation and Prevention Center (Cenipa) was activated.

Identification of bodies must be done by DNA

The director of the scientific-technical police Mario Sandro Martins informed that professionals who were off duty were called to rescue the bodies. The bodies began arriving at the Legal Medical Institute at 1:30 pm (3:30 pm Brasília time). All 12 bodies were recovered.

According to Martins, the state in which the bodies were found makes identification difficult and it will be necessary to resort to DNA tests. There is no forecast for the completion of this procedure.

“The situation was very difficult. The plane collided with the trees, exploded and the bodies were charred, it was very difficult to remove them. The bodies were very fragmented, charred. An analysis will be carried out on the condition of the bodies. After that, we will see what is the means of identification and everything indicates that the means will be through DNA, through genetic material. To do this, we will collect genetic material from family members so that we can carry out a genetic comparison. We will analyze each case. We will meet with the genetics laboratory, the IML, the criminal investigation, the experts and we will analyze it in the best way possible”, he said.


The Seventh Regional Aviation Accident Investigation and Prevention Service (Seripa VII), located in Manaus, will investigate the causes of the plane crash .

According to the Air Force, in the investigation “specific techniques will be used, conducted by qualified and accredited personnel who carry out the collection and confirmation of data, the preservation of evidence, the initial verification of damage caused to the aircraft, or by the aircraft, and the survey other information necessary for the process”.