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Upon arrival, firefighters found the aircraft upside down approximately 20 metres from the highway.

Two men were able to climb from the wreckage of a small plane after a crash Tuesday night near Highway 417 and Ottawa Road 29.

The occupants of the aircraft were treated for minor injuries, a spokesman for the Country of Renfrew Paramedic Services said.

The plane was headed for the Arnprior airport when it lost power, forcing the pilot to bring it down in a field between one and 1.5 kilometres from the airport, the paramedic spokesman said. The plane came to rest upside down about 20 metres from the highway.

Ottawa Fire Services, which had taken a call about the crash at 8:34, contained a fuel leak and used extinguishing foam on the leaked fuel to ensure there was no risk of a fire starting after the plane crashed, it said in a media release.