Around half past one this morning, a small plane crashed into the ground in the vicinity of Route 11 and 635, after its crew, two Uruguayan pilots, rehearsed descent maneuvers after noticing mechanical damage while flying on the Rio de la Plata.

Upon learning of the incident, police officers from the local Patrol Command went to the area, where they were able to see the remains of the Cx-Max028 aircraft, finding both pilots a few meters from the scene, who had minor injuries without risk of life.

According to the crew members, upon noticing the damage to the aircraft, they were forced to declare an emergency. Assessing that they would not be able to keep the device in flight, they sought to land in a sparsely populated area to avoid casualties and property damage.

The Berisso Fire Department participated in the relief operation, as well as personnel from the ANAC, accident police, DDI, Airport Directorate and SAME. The pilots were transferred to the San Martín Hospital, for the purpose of treating them, while rigorous actions continue to determine the reasons that caused the accident.