By Hannah Robinson and Nick Neville

HOLLY HILL, S.C. (WIS) – The FAA and NTSB are investigating a plane crash that occurred at Holly Hill Airport Thursday.

A small, ultra-light plane crashed at the airport on Highway 176 and Airport Road just before 11 a.m.

The pilot was medevacked to Trident Health in North Charleston, according to officials. Holly Hill Police Chief Joshua Detter believes the pilot was in critical condition.

Detter said it’s unusual for things like this to happen at the airport.

“This doesn’t usually happen in Holly Hill,” he said. “It’s more of a hobby airport, it’s not manned so there’s not a whole lot of flying that goes on.”

Law enforcement told WIS that it was a miracle that someone was at the airport when the crash happened and was able to get help.

Ronald Connolly, a local pilot, witnessed the crash. He said he was pre-flighting his aircraft when he heard an aircraft departing. He saw the aircraft collide with his hangar, and then crash into some trees.

Connolly feared the pilot had died due to the impact of the crash, but he started to moan when he approached him.

The engine was still running. Fearing for a fire, Connolly pulled the spark plug wires out of the engine to shut it down, and it shocked him.

Connolly said he’s been flying out of Holly Hill Airport for 11 years and has never seen something like this.

“Distressed about the incident but I am grateful that I was here because the man would have been back there by himself for who knows how long, and he may not have made it,” he said. “So it was fortuitous that I happened to be here when the accident happened and most airports are unmanned.”

In addition to Holly Hill Police, Orangeburg County Emergency Services, the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office and the Orangeburg County Fire District Office also responded to the scene.