On Monday, June 20, at approximately 4:25 PM the Virginia State Police was dispatched to a reported plane crash at the Melfa Airport (18321 Parkway Drive, Melfa), Eastern Shore.

The crash involved a small aircraft, a 1966 Cessna T-210, that failed to deploy its landing gear prior to landing on the runway. The pilot and only occupant, 45 year old Harry Leiser of Rome, Pennsylvania, left Tangier Island at approximately 3:50 PM, for a 10 minute flight to Melfa.  It appears as the aircraft approached the Melfa airport to land, the landing gear failed to deploy due to a mechanical issue,  Mr Leisner was unaware of the failed deployment, and as the plane touched down on its hull, it caused a propeller to strike and skid to a stop.  There was no fuel leak and the only damage was to the aircraft

It is reported as minor damage to the aircraft involving a prop strike. Mr. Leiser was not injured.