By Greg Bowman and Hana Mae Nassar

A plane has crashed into a field in Surrey, leaving one person seriously hurt.

According to the fire department, it happened just after 1 p.m. along 152 Street, between 68 and 72 avenues. It does not appear anyone other than the pilot was aboard.

“Crews responded and responded that, yes, an ultralight (plane) had crashed and it started a fire in one of the fields,” Deputy Chief John Lehmann told CityNews Friday.

“Crews were able to assist the pilot, who had suffered injuries.”

Lehmann says winds kicked up flames in the area, with the fire proceeding to spread across the field. Ten trucks and about 28 firefighters were on scene, he adds.

“In this call as with any calls, our first priority is the life and safety of anyone involved. So the crew was able to focus their immediate attentions on the pilot. There were additional crews that came in and started looking after the fire once the pilot was with the ambulance service, all efforts were turned to the brush fire,” he said. “We increased the size of our response and we used our water tenders to shuttle water into the area.”

The fire, estimated to be about one to two hectares, has been put out.

“This is a good example of how we’ve had an incredibly dry may and now into June. This was a small fire that, when combined with the winds, quickly became a fairly large brush fire,” Lehmann added.

Mounties had 152 Street closed between 68 and 72 avenues. The road has since reopened.