Mike Murphy

CANANDAIGUA – The pilot of a single-engine aircraft that crashed into an open wheat field near the Canandaigua Airport on Tuesday afternoon was able to remove himself from the craft although he suffered what the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office said were serious but not life-threatening injuries.  

Lt. Tate Colburn said the 911 center was notified at approximately 2 p.m., possibly by a nearby resident who heard the crash. 

First responders arrived within five minutes at the field near Brickyard and Yerkes roads in the town of Canandaigua, Colburn said. 

The crash scene was about a quarter mile from a section of Yerkes Road roughly northeast of the airport, just past a stand of trees. 

The pilot, who Colburn said is an man who flies out of Canandaigua Airport, was not immediately identified. He was the sole occupant.

“There was no fire or anything like that with the aircraft,” Colburn said. 

Investigators were still at the crash scene as of late Tuesday afternoon, searching through the craft and combing through nearby vegetation. Colburn said representatives from the National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration were on their way to the crash scene.

Colburn said the craft was “damaged pretty well” but believes it was more of a controlled crash and was not aware of engine damage. The pilot had flown out of the airport earlier in the day, but it was not immediately known if he was returning at the time of the crash, Colburn said. 

“As it stands right now, we’re still in the process of investigating the reason for the crash,” Colburn said. “However, NTSB and FAA are ultimately responsible to make those determinations.”