Allan Pereira and Ana Flávia Corrêa

A twin-engine plane, model Cessna 310, crashed in the region of the Peixes highway (MT-471), near the Vermelho River, in Rondonópolis (212 km from Cuiabá), this Tuesday afternoon (8) and caught fire. The four people on the plane died in the crash. The occupants have not yet been identified.

A friend of one of the victims informed the Fire Department that they were taking a scenic flight in the region when the plane crashed. Videos recorded by witnesses show that the plane was completely consumed by the fire.

According to information from the Military Police (PM), the Fire Department is still in place for assistance. Official Expertise and Technical Identification (Politec) was also called to deal with the occurrence.

Location, however, is difficult to access as it is a forested area. Cause of the accident has yet to be investigated.