By Duncan Dent

A small plane made an emergency landing on the Natchez Trace Parkway Saturday afternoon.

The plane left Bruce Campbell Field in Madison with three passengers, and reached about 80 feet when the plane lost power and the pilot attempted to land on the Natchez Trace, said Natchez Trace Ranger Pete Walker. There were no injuries.

“The pilot tried to make an emergency landing on the Trace because he saw no cars and just missed the roadway,” Walker said. “Everyone walked away on their own. In fact, everyone was standing when we got to the wreck site.”

Walker said the plane went down just north of Old Canton Road hitting the 104-mile marker on the Trace.

The plane was towed by a wrecker off of the Trace and taken back to Bruce Campbell Field.

Walker said the Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the wreck.

A large wrecker was employed to tow the plane.