A tragic plane crash was registered on Tuesday at the Paraguayan Air Force premises. At the moment the death of four people is confirmed, although the number could increase as the hours go by.

A Cessna C-402 with registration FAP 0221 crashed shortly after 2:30 p.m. at the Paraguayan Air Force compound located in the city of Luque.

According to preliminary data, this aircraft was part of the Special Transport Air Group (GATE) fleet.

The plane had left the Chaco town of Fuerte Olimpo and tried to make a forced landing on the auxiliary runway of the institution. In total, six military personnel were on board, including crew and passengers.

At the moment four people have died, although it is not ruled out that the number is higher.

Colonel Víctor Urdapilleta, director of Social Communication of the Military Forces, confirmed to ABC Cardinal that the troops who were traveling in the wrecked aircraft had gone to verify the status of the Fuerte Olimpo airport this morning.

The images captured after the accident show the aircraft completely consumed by the flames after suffering the impact. As a result, a significant smoke could be seen from several kilometers away.