The plane took off from Victoria, Texas and was landing in Houston when it went off the runway, according to the a representative from United Airlines.

Author: Michelle Homer

HOUSTON — A SkyWest plane skidded off the runway at Bush IAH in north Houston Wednesday afternoon, according to a representative from United Airlines. 

Sixteen people were on board Flight 5069 when it veered off the runway at 2:20 p.m. No one was hurt, according to United Airlines. 

SkyWest said the pilot “experienced a steering issue” before it happened. 

“We have an emergency,” the captain told the tower. “United Express aircraft here off the runway, go ahead sir …”

The flight was traveling from Victoria to Houston and was operating as United Express.

“We need to somehow to get our of here, the passengers are fine in the back, there are no damages of any kind,” the captain said. “We just need to get the passengers taken care of and get pulled off the grass to get back to the taxi.”

A bus picked up the passengers from runway 8-R and took them to the airport.

SkyWest, a regional partner of United Airlines, released the following statement.

SkyWest flight 5069, operating as United Express from Victoria Regional Airport to Houston International Airport, experienced a steering issue and rolled off the runway at the end of its landing. There were no reported injuries and we bused our customers to the terminal. Our maintenance team will fully inspect the aircraft.