Firefighters say the plane landed safely upright and no one was hurt in the landing.

Author: 12 News

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The Phoenix Fire Department said no one was injured after a small aircraft landed on Pinnacle Peak Road in north Phoenix on Tuesday. 

The plane landed upright and safely. 

12 News spoke to the owner of the plane who said the plane was rented out to a pilot who was trying to build up flying hours. The owner said the plane had enough fuel for a two hour flight but the plane ran out of fuel when the pilot was on the way back to the airport.

The owner said they’re not awaiting word from the Federal Aviation Administration to see if they can take off from Pinnacle Peak Road or have to load the plane on the back of a flat bed truck.

At the end of last month, at least three small aircrafts crashed in different parts of the state, resulting in multiple deaths.