UPDATE (8:30pm): SkyWest officials say a possible mechanical issue lead to the pilots’ decision to call for an emergency.

SkyWest says it was due to an overabundance of caution, rather than an active threat to the plane.

Marissa Snow, a spokesperson for SkyWest, sent the following statement:

SkyWest flight 5228, a United Express flight operating from Columbia, Missouri to Chicago, Illinois, diverted to Bloomington, Illinois, after receiving a mechanical indication. The flight landed safely in Bloomington and we are working to help passengers resume their travels to Chicago as quickly as possible.

===================== ORIGINAL ========================

A plane travelling from Columbia, Missouri to Chicago has made an emergency landing at Bloomington’s Central Illinois Regional Airport (CIRA).

Airport officials say Flight UA5228, originally scheduled to land in Chicago just before 8PM, declared an emergency call aboard and requested permission to land.

The plane touched down at CIRA around 7:35PM. There were a reported 52 people aboard.

No injuries have been reported, and everyone aboard and on the ground is reported to be okay.

There is no word yet on what the emergency was that brought the jet down.

The plane is reported to have been flying under United Airline callsigns, but is a SkyWest jet.

Airport officials are deciding how to get passengers to Chicago.