By Parker Fluke

EVANS COUNTY, Ga. (WTGS) — A flight instructor and new pilot made a forced landing of a small plane in a cow pasture in Evans County Thursday morning.

Evans County Fire and Rescue described the “unusual call” they received.

The sheriff’s department, fire department, EMA and EMS responded to reports of a downed aircraft somewhere in the area of Red Clay Road in Claxton.

First responders eventually found the aircraft in a field off of Mosley Road. Both passengers, an instructor and a new pilot, were uninjured.

Officials said they lost power to the engine and the instructor took over to make a forced landing in a cow pasture.

The side of the plane reads, “Savannah Aviation,” which is a flight school in Savannah.

Evans County Fire and Rescue reported that they were relieved there was no fire, no injuries and no fuel spill.