Pilot got out safely


A small plane made a hard landing Friday morning at Timmerman Airport in Milwaukee.

Exclusive video from News Chopper 12’s Matt Salemme showed the moments the plane landed and its nose scraped the ground and skidded 954 feet.

“We always land after the morning news a little after 7 a.m. We got out of the helicopter, and normally, the chief of maintenance isn’t standing right there,” Salemme said.

Salemme said the maintenance chief learned a plane’s nose gear had malfunctioned.

They watched as it did a flyby to manually try it, but video shows it was unsuccessful.

“The pilot did a magnificent job landing it safely, you know? It flared at the right time. He kept the nose off the ground as long as he could, you know, to make sure that he didn’t have any problems. They had quite a bit of fuel onboard, so I know they were concerned about that,” Salemme said.

It’s not yet known what went wrong with the plane.

The Milwaukee Fire Department said when it first arrived on scene, no one was in the plane, but they were able to eventually track down the pilot.

Inside a nearby hanger, he told investigators he was alone in the aircraft and was OK.

The landing caused the most damage to the propellers, which bent.

After several hours on the runway, crews towed the plane so they can figure out why the landing gear failed.

It’s unclear where the plane was heading but it’s a Beechcraft King Air.

Salemme said it was part of Spring City Aviation Charter Department.