By: Brittney Verner

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. – It was a scary situation for three people in Glynn County, Georgia, after their plane ran out of gas and landed in a marsh. It happened Saturday afternoon, 3 miles from the Brunswick-Golden Isles Airport, and those people had to be rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter.

Alec Eaton is a Glynn County Emergency Management specialist. He said around 3:00 p.m. Saturday, his department responded to a private, single-engine plane that ran out of gas and landed in a marsh.

“We were able to get eyes on them pretty quickly. As they touched down, we had our drone in the air we had our first responders out here,” Eaton said.

Miranda Smith is one woman who witnessed the aftermath of that landing because it basically happened in her backyard.

“I didn’t see the plane go down. We normally do hear because this is, like, the flyover when the planes take off from the airport,” Smith said.

Smith said she and her husband were doing yardwork when she heard sirens and then noticed dozens of first responders rushing onto her property.

“I guess they had GPS coordinates, so they knew it was at the end of the road, and you could at that point see that there were people walking on the wings, I guess, and waving and flagging. It just threw us off because it’s not every day but a plane is in your backyard. And you can’t physically get out there. Like, you can’t walk through the marsh,” Smith said.

Officials said the plane landed about 500 meters from the Smiths property and it was somewhat difficult to reach the survivors.

“Back here on private property, we don’t have any boat access ramps to be able to get directly to them,” Eaton said.

That’s something that concerned Smith. The survivors were airlifted by the Coast Guard to the Brunswick Airport to be checked out by medical staff before giving their final statement to the Federal Aviation Administration.