The images went viral, after a passenger recorded how sparks came out of the engine.

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A plane leaving Jorge Chavez Airport bound for the United States had to return to land after an engine failure was reported. The images recorded by a passenger became viral on social networks and the media.

According to information from Canal N,The air vehicle left with all the passengers at the stipulated time and was scheduled to arrive at 7:30 am on North American soil.However, 10 minutes after takeoff, the occupants of the flight heard a loud explosion coming from the side of the transport.

At that moment, the plane lost stability and began to wobble. Given this, the pilot made the decision to return and circled close to the coast of Huacho. A passenger captured on video how sparks came out of the engine of the United Airlines company plane.

Likewise, during the emergency landing it was observed that the tires exerted a lot of pressure, causing overheating and sparks. However, all the occupants arrived safely at the airport and the incident did not escalate.

After this, everyone got off the transport waiting for a next flight. Meanwhile, the operators proceeded to check the aerial vehicle and see the possible failures. Likewise, the audiovisual material captured how the company’s workers acted in an emergency.

This experience was shared by the user through social networks.

What to do in an air emergency?

It is important that one remains calm in these types of emergencies. It should be noted that the airline staff is trained to assist you if you require help. For its part, the team will give you all the instructions on what to do and not during it.